M&M vending machines are great for many locations

M&Ms is a brand that has become trusted and enjoyed in countries all over the world, and wherever there are M&M vending machines there is usually a high level of custom. M&M branded vending machines offer a range of snacks for consumers to enjoy, and these vending machines can be found in a wide variety of locations from shopping malls and train stations to cafeterias and more.

M&M vending machines tend to generate a high profit because of the well known brand name that is attached to them. The range of snacks available from these vending machines means that they are popular amongst people of all ages, and they offer plenty of choice when it comes to snacks and candy.

Another good thing about the M&M branded vending machines is that many have now been fitted with a device that enables consumers to make non-cash transactions. This is, of course, great for consumers because it means that they don’t have to scrabble about for change whenever they want something from the vending machines. However, it is even better news for the vendor, because the introduction of the cash free system has seen profits from the M&M vending machines soar. The system uses an e-port installation.

One manager stated: "After installation of the e-Port into the M&M vending machines, we saw an almost immediate increase in sales from credit card transactions. Credit and debit card sales now account for 15% to 20% of total sales. Additionally, we saw that the average credit card purchase amount was more than 50% higher than the average cash purchases."

So, not only do M&M vending machines now offer a great choice of snacks and ice-creams with a brand name that most consumers know and trust, but many now also offer complete convenience and flexibility, enabling more consumers to enjoy the products and enabling vendors to enjoy soaring profits from these machines.

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