It is definitely not easy to get people to agree to condom vending machines on college campus

Professors will dispute, students will encourage. The controversial issue at hand here is whether to agree to condom vending machines on college campus or not. There are cases for the split in differences here - ultimately the decision lies with the college. For such disputes, it is hard to sit on the fence. The college has to make a decision, a tough one that is. Yet nowadays, the end result is becoming increasingly clear

Students will definitely agree to condom vending machines on college campus. To them, virginity is a thing of the past. Not being a virgin is cool and hip and the fact that they are having a rolling good time beneath the bedsheets is not a secret anymore. With movies virtually mocking virgins such as the '40 year old virgin', it is no wonder that they have such a mindset. With this argument, there should be condom vending machines as it is like a necessity to them. Even without these vending machines around, it will not dampen the hormones ranging in them. Why not just sell them in the campus?

Professors however try to hide their embarrassment away from the fact that their students are doing it in the college dorms. It is more of a face thing more than any other matter. Also, by allowing condom vending machines on college campus, it is a signal sent out to the students that they have prevailed and scored a victory over the professors. These lecturers have to be able to control the students but at the same time, strike a balance over having an iron fist over them. Either way, it is a really tricky situation that not many colleges want to get themselves entangled into.

If you are thinking that this business of getting professors to agree to condom vending machines on college campus is going to be a more than viable one, you may have just hit the jackpot. You can first go about your proposal by highlighting the facts about youths these days and the freely available boxes of condoms in shops around the school campus. Then point out the fact that instead of encouraging pre-marital sex, you are in fact trying to prevent unwanted pregnacies and thereby, not wanting to ruin these bright minds' future. Only maybe will you then get approval for a go ahead.