Understanding Automated Video Vending Machine

What are automated video vending machines?
Automated video vending machines are machines that act like video libraries. They offer services like Netflix (online video rental). The vendor issues membership cards to its customers who can then rent a movie from the vending machine after inserting that card. The rent (along with security) is automatically debited from the customer’s account and on returning back the title; security amount gets credited to his account. Sale and usage of these machines has gained momentum recently.

Technical Specifications of automated video vending machines
These machines allow the customer to make selections on the basis of genre, actors, directors, titles and rating. In order to speed up this, these vending machines use a microprocessor that can easily browse and search through the huge video catalog that is stored on the hard drive. The capacity of the hard drive itself can be increased as and when required. These machines also have a card reader that can read the information present on the membership cards. This also helps in determining the age of the user which can be used to decide whether to show adult titles or not.

Advantages of automated video vending machines
The major advantages of this vending machine are as following –
1. Wide Range of Products: These machines can be used to rent all sorts of videos – DVDs, VHS and even video games. They can store up to 5,000 different copies at one time.
2. Fast Access: As the craze for videos keeps on increasing every other day, some of these machines have counters that can accommodate 10 different customers at one time.
3. Blocking Adult Titles: Parents do not need to worry about their children browsing through adult titles while using these machines. These machines can be customized to block all adult content from being shown in the movie listings.
4. Advance Booking: These machines can be connected to the internet. This allows the customer to first verify if particular title is available in the machine and can then make a booking online. He can later go to the machine and collect the title after inserting the confirmation code (this is obtained while making an online reservation).

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