Knowing Bulk Vending Machine

What is bulk vending machine?
Bulk Vending Machines are used when a large number of products need to be vended. One important requirement is that the product needs to be dispensed randomly and in no proper arrangement (as in the case of snack vending machine where all snack items need to be in a queue). These are most commonly used to vend large number of candies and gumballs, while they can also be used to vend toys, nuts and confections. The machine doesn’t require any power supply.

Technical Specifications of bulk vending machine
These machines have globes built out of polycarbonate plastic. Besides providing clarity, this plastic is strong and shatter-proof and provides safety to the machine and the products kept inside. The rest of the body is often made out of 18-gauge steel to provide longevity to the machine. Powdered coat finish is also applied to the machine to make it scratch free and rust resistant.

Advantages of bulk vending machine
The major advantages of this vending machine are –
1. Various Payment Options: These machines are built to accept all sorts of coins – 25 cent, 50 cent and in some cases even foreign coins are accepted and read by these machines.
2. Easy to use coin boxes: As these machines display items in bulk, there are chances that they might be used extensively by people. So it becomes important to have separate coin chambers for each section so that the intake of coins is balanced amongst all the chambers. Such an arrangement also helps the vendor in collecting the coins at the end of the day.
3. Use of Spill Trays: There are chances of overflow involved with such kind of machine. To counter this, spill trays are used to keep the location clean and ensuring the customer is not at lost because of the spilt products.
4. Secured: As this machine is made out of 18-gauge steel, it is quite secured against vandalism and theft. The locks are made out of steel.
5. Easy to Maintain: These machines are easy to maintain and service as compared to soda and snack vending machines. This is because they are simple in built and do not have much of wiring.