Dilemma for the center for disease control - should we have condom vending machines around?

The debate is now on whether the center for disease control should support and encourage the presence of condom vending machines in America. Unprotected sex could lead the many Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) such as syphilis and Gonorrhea. These bacterial diseases cases have been growing steadily causing worry for the centre for disease control. Condom vending machines may help to curb this unsightly trend.

Though curable IF detected early, these diseases can be controlled. For some, it is a huge emotional trauma which causes them extreme worry. This is of course understandable. People gawk at such disgusting illnesses, and even more so the object itself. Advocates of condom vending machines argue that since we cannot escape the fact that young teenagers and adults are having sex, we should allow condom vending machines so as to lessen the spread of this disease.

Other people may not have such a stand though. Allowing condom vending machines would be a sign that the authorities’ bid to solve premature sex has failed and now instead of telling them to practice abstinence, the message we are sending across now would be ‘have sex if you want, just do it safely’. With such arguments put across to the center for disease control/condom vending machines may not be within your neighborhood any time soon. It is a tough decision to make.

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