Don't try to find coca-cola vending machines codes

Some of you people out there may be puzzled about the coca-cola vending machines codes seen on some of them on the streets. Well, I cannot really say exactly what they are for, but my good guess is that it is to allow the supplier to know exactly which coca-cola vending machines are running low on stock and so they can refill the machines when needed. Each coca-cola drinks machine have a unique code assigned to it. When the stock is running, there will be a sensor to tell the supplier it needs to be refilled and so the supplier knows which machine it is.

For those adventurous people out there who think there might be special coca-cola vending machines codes out there, I’m really sorry but as far as I know, there’s no such thing. Some may be misled by emails or friends that pressing a special combination of the buttons will drop them a can of coca-cola. Well, that’s simply wishful thinking in my honest opinion.

Every vending machine is checked quite thoroughly for its money and stock. In this way, the coca-cola company prevents any cheats from occurring through its suppliers. For example, if 10 cans are sold a week, the company will expect money for 10 cans when 10 cans leave their inventory. If there is some smart Alex out there thinking they can cheat the system, your doing may just land you in jail.