Why it is important to know the difference between different coin chutes for vending machines

For those who have their vending machines based overseas, you would have known that the coin chute given will not work for the coins in other countries other than America. Thus, the coin chutes for vending machines have to change to fit the type of coins used in the country your vending machine is placed in. If it is in Canada, your vending machine will not work, just like if your machine is in Europe or any other country.

Changing the coin chute is not as simple as taking it out and replacing it with another one. There are size specifications to fit what type of vending machine is yours. Of course, coin chutes meant for snacks vending machines will never fit that of gumball machines or toy capsule machines. To find the correct coin chute, look for the supplier in your country. Companies such as Coke and Pepsi have sales representative overseas. Find them to buy the coin chute that works in your country.

It is important to check the coin chutes for vending machines at least once a month to check for malfunction. If your coin chute is not working, it means zero business to you. When collecting or refilling, always test it out by buying one can for yourself. In this way, any coin that cannot be registered by the vending machine can be immediately spotted out by you and you can then repair it.

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