Condom Vending Machines - A Low-Cost Entry to the Vending Industry

Condom machines are cheap to buy and stock.  Despite the innumerable condom machines already placed, there are still hundreds of available high traffic bathrooms in every city. A much denser route can be formed with condom machines than with other types of vending, making maintenance easier.  The product is light and small, eliminating the need for a truck.  All of these factors point to one thing – condom machines are the perfect low cost entry point for new vendors.

Condom vending machines are sturdy and simple, and as a result they are also cheap. New machines range between $100 and $300 dollars. Used machines can be found at significant discounts. It’s pretty hard to break or vandalize a condom vending machine, so the used ones are normally reliable. 

Lifestyles condoms are the industry standard for vending condoms. They sell individually packaged condoms per gross.  One gross equals 144 condoms, and these are often referred to as vend-packs.  Most vending machines are designed to accommodate exactly 144 individually packaged condoms per column.  A gross of Lifestyle condoms runs from between $30 to $45, making the price of an individual condom vary between 21 and 31 cents.  Vending machines are adjustable, and can charge anywhere from 25 cents to one dollar per condom, giving you the potential for high profit margins.

Condom vending machines also present ample opportunity for advertising revenue.  Due to their design the front surface of the machine is prime space to place large advertisements.  Working with local adult movie stores or online vendors is a way to bring in a second revenue stream from your machines.  Because their advertisements will draw attention to your machine and cause the person looking at the material to switch to a sexual mind-set, these types of advertisements work synergistically with your condom sales. They are the perfect “pre-sell” Your vending revenue will increase because of the suggestive nature of the ads. 

It is also important to include information about AIDS and STDs on the front of your machine. Sell the sex, and then sell the safety.  You can feature websites and hotlines where a person can get information about safe sex.  In some places there may be laws about specific statements that must be displayed on your condom vending machine.

Select bathrooms that are consistently kept clean and have steady foot traffic of young single men. Avoid restrooms that have lots of children coming and going.  Because condom machines are small and light, it is easy to test markets until you find particularly lucrative locations.  

Once your machines are set in place and stocked, you will need to service your route about once a week.  Your bulk condoms can be easily stored in a home closet, and even a very small car can be used for route maintenance.  Choose a bank that has a coin sorter, and use one labeled cloth money bag per machine on your route.  When you get to the bank at the end of your route, you can record how much money came from each machine as you put the individual bags through the coin sorter.  You can see that condom machines are great easy point of entry to the vending industry that doesn’t require much capital outlay.