Learning About Gumball Vending Machine

What is gumball vending machine?
Gumball Vending Machines are those machines that vend gumballs. Large amount of gumballs are placed in these machines. People can then insert a coin, make a selection and get their gumball from the machine. These are one of the oldest types of vending machines and are popular amongst both young and old.

Technical Specifications of gumball vending machine
These machines usually have a glass globe at the top which contains all the gumballs. Rest of the base and lid is made out of metal (including the coin acceptor). These can also contain different compartments to keep different types of gumballs. Each section is then provided with separate cash box to collect coins. The globe at times has spotted texture to hide fingerprints. As most of the users of this machine are kids, it becomes important to build machines that look catchy to them. These machines can come in the shape of rockets, gas pump, pinball, foosball etc., which makes them all the more attractive to this young crowd.

Advantages of gumball vending machine

The major advantages of this vending machine are –
1. Secured: As these machines may also be put up on the road side, manufacturers pay a lot of attention to the material that goes into building these machines. The globes are no longer made out of glass; instead polycarbonate (a form of plastic) is used to provide protection against shattering. Heavy duty barrel locks are used to provide enhanced security.
2. Protection against Corrosion: As said, these machines can also be put on road sides and are thus open to rains etc. The lid and base are often made out of chrome metal to provide protection against rusting, which could otherwise oxidize the machine.
3. Health Friendly: As the gumballs come into direct contact with the top globe, it becomes important for the globe to be food-grade. Most of these vending machines use plastic which is approved by FDA, so that there are no concerns related to health.
4. Easy to Use: These machines at times have spill trays attached to the bottom, so that in case of an overflow, gumballs do not fall on to the floor.

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