Understanding Home Video Vending Machine

What is home video vending machine?
This sort of vending machine is used to put home video (VCDs, DVDs etc.) on display at a public place where the videos can be rented by the individuals. These vending machines mainly cater to the need of those people who cannot order the DVDs over the net (maybe they are not internet savvy or maybe they want to be charged that extra shipping charges). Such people are more comfortable in going to a public place and then renting the home video themselves.

Technical Specifications of home video vending machine
These vending machines are small in size, with most of them being less than 2 feet. They can accommodate up to 600 home videos while the inbuilt catalog can hold up to 400 different movie details. The pay panel can accept cash, credit and debit cards and even checks. The machine also has a facility to prepare ad-hoc reports i.e. reports on demand – the vendor can know which all titles have been rented, who all rented it, how much revenue has been generated etc. Some vending machines also provide the facility of remote monitoring.

Advantages of home video vending machine
The major advantages of this vending machine are as following –
1. Fast: There is no delay between the time to pick and order and the time it gets delivered into your hands. When compared to the time when DVDs are rented online, this is almost instant.
2. Convenient: They are quite handy. The can be fitted with touch pads and interactive voice responses so that one feels more comfortable while using them. A catalog of available home videos can be attached to the display panel, there by making it more interactive.
3. 24 Hour Service: As these are located in a public place and are fully automatic, they can server people round the clock. Be it any hour of the day, a person can go up and choose a video of his or her choice.
4. Low Overhead: Minimal maintenance is required for home video vending machines. This is because they are fully automatic.
5. Secured: Security cameras can be attached to the vending machine so as to ensure their safety from damage and theft.

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