Are you intrigued by how do helix coil vending machines work?

It may not take a rocket scientist to figure out how do helix coil vending machines work, but you need at least some basic knowledge of science to crack this mystery. A helix coil vending machine consists of the toy machine itself attached to a helix coil by which the toy capsule will roll down on into the collection compartment. For those with lights, it can get a little more interesting.

For those without electricity, it is very simple to figure out how do helix coil vending machines work. When you turn the knob, the wheel gear in the machine turns. This aligns one toy capsule and a hole together causing the toy capsule to drop down. It will go onto the helix coil where it will just follow the shape of it and spiral down. The helix coil is basically just an extra structure to fascinate small children and give an added thrill.

Those helix coils with lights surrounding it require electricity. The electricity lights up the light bulbs so as to make the whole thing more colourful and attractive. There are some machines that only light up when the toy is spiraling down. This happens when you insert a coin and turn the knob. When the toy starts rolling down, it activates a sensor that causes the bulbs to light up thus making the whole thing seem very colourful and fun to play with.