Understanding Ice Cream Vending Machine

What is ice cream vending machine?
As the name suggests, this type of vending machine is used to vend ice creams. Besides holding ice cream pints and novelties, it can also hold frozen items which can be stored along with ice creams. These machines are usually located in hospitals, cafeterias, colleges etc.

Technical Specifications of ice cream vending machine
The target audience of these vending machines are children and while dealing with such customers, it is important to have a catchy look. These machines have a backlit photographic display which makes them visible from a large distance. The products are displayed on horizontal shelves. In order to ensure that ice creams do not break while handling, robotic vacuum pick and place technology is employed. This is the same technology that is widely used in assembly and production units. This technology employs three interchangeable motors for all sorts of movements. The position accuracy is 1/16 of an inch and the maximum weight that can be moved around is 3 pounds. This technology is easy to implement and maintain. To maintain the temperature inside the vending machine, a compressor is used, which usually has a company warranty of 5 years. Like all other vending machines, it has both coin and bill acceptor.

Advantages of ice cream vending machine
The major advantages of this vending machine are –
1. Protection against Power Outages: The operating temperature in these vending machines is around -20 degree Fahrenheit. Chest freezer is closed between different product cycles so that in case of power outages, products remain frozen for up to 12 hours.
2. Making ice creams from scratch: There are machines available that can prepare ice creams from the scratch. Such machines on an average take 45 seconds to make an ice cream. In this case, refrigerating is not required as the ice cream mix is prepared aseptically.
3. Appealing: The machines that employ robotic technology are much more appealing. These machines usually have a glass window through which the entire robotic movement can be watched. This especially appeal young children which in turns benefits the vending business.

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