Knowing about Laundry Vending Machine

What is laundry vending machine?
Laundry Vending Machines are those vending machines which are used to vend laundry accessories like soaps, detergents, softeners, laundry bags etc. These machines are extensively used in apartments, hostels and other places which have common laundry areas.

Technical Specifications of laundry vending machine
These machines come with an in-built processor that can be programmed to accept or reject coins – for example, they can be programmed to accept dollar coins and reject dimes. It comes with other standard features like three point locking system and locked cash box to provide enhanced security to the machine, its products and cash. As these are most popular targets for theft, most of these machines now have heavy duty all metal construction. Some of the machines come in 8 columns and can hold few hundreds of laundry boxes. A display panel is provided to let the customers know about the products it is holding. The machines can either be mounted on the wall or can be placed on a stand.

Advantages of laundry vending machine
The major advantages of this vending machine are as following –
1. Various Payment Options: These machines can accept most of the coins – dollar coins, nickels and dimes.
2. Automatic Accounting: These machines can be programmed to account daily sales. Based on the accounting reports, one can easily decide on number of refills required.
3. Individual Pricing: As these machines hold various laundry accessories, it is important from them to have individual pricing system. Having this feature allows the machine to diversify its portfolio.
4. First In First Out: Some of these machines use the first in first out mechanism to ensure that older stock is vended out first and then the newer one. This helps in preventing the products from crossing their expiry dates.
5. Durability: These machines hold soaps and detergents which might cause rust to the machine in case of a leak. Also the area around the machine is expected to be wet as the machine caters to the laundry needs. Consequently, most of these machines are baked on powder coat finish to prevent corrosion and provide longevity to the machine.