The relationship between Mexico and vending machines and Monterrey

The city of Monterrey lies just below the border that separates Mexico and US, on the north east side of Mexico.. With a mixture of modern and traditional buildings and culture, it is a paradise for travelers and this is evident in the booming tourist industry. But what then is the relationship between Mexico and vending machines and Monterrey?

Entrepreneurs flock to the place with the most earning potential, and it is no different here. Monterrey city has a population around 1.1 million and that is continuously increasing. With an area of about 573km², that makes their population density at a very high 6700 people/km². Adding to the fact that the people of Monterrey has the largest GDP per capita in the country, it will not be high for anyone to tell why Mexico and vending machines and Monterrey comes together.

Vending machines is a lucrative business – provided the resources are there to support it. By that, I mean the population density must be high enough to provide a suitable flow of buyers of vending machine products. With all the right conditions present, people with foresight looking to Monterrey, Mexico and have their vending machines located all over the city.