Is there a link between nutrition and school vending machines?

People do not usually associate nutrition and school vending machines together. Understandably, this is because vending machines have earned a bad reputation for themselves with the type of food or beverage they dispense. But is it fair to always link food without any nutrition value to vending machines? Surely, there has to be some healthy food dispensed by vending machines out there, isn’t it?

Vending machines in school mostly sell junk food and soda drinks to the students, provided they are not regulated by the school committee. When they step in to check what sort of food is being sold, it is highly unlikely that these companies can still sell these type of food to the students. When companies start targeting students with their love for salted and sweet food, it is no wonder that food with no nutrition and school vending machines are mentioned in the same breath.

To begin with, it is important for school to have quality control and strict checks over what items are sold to the students through the school vending machines. It is important to prevent students from having the ability to buy such junk food which have no nutrition value and will only lead to obesity and other health related diseases in future. If this is not being complied with by the vendors, they may have no choice but to ban vending machines in school.