Help in finding exotic old cigar vending machines

In the past, cigars were very common and popular, much more than cigarettes. For the rich, it is a status sort of thing. Smoking cigars show that you are rich and hip. For the middle class, smoking cigars show that you are one step ahead of the rest. This popularity was further enhanced by famous actors and actresses puffing cigars in movies. All this led to the current day old cigar vending machines you find now.

These old cigar vending machines were very popular back then. While they may be shops selling cigars, there were many such machines peddling it too. However, they were only found in night spots or places restricted to adults. If they were left in the streets, children would have access to it and it would be a big no-no. Cigars have different grade and quality and only a smoker would be able to tell the difference. Usually, these machines only sell the normal ones. Top grade cigars can be really expensive.

Today, trying to find such old cigar vending machines may be quite a challenge. They are no longer present and now that the government has stricter rules regarding such demerit goods, more such machines disappeared from sight. One way to look for it would be in museums whereby they have antique goods not found today. Otherwise, opportunities to buy such machines are far and few in between.