Suggestions if you cannot find old coke vending machines parts

Some of you people out there may still own those ancient coke machines. After so many years, it is definitely more prone to being spoilt and finding those old coke vending machines parts may prove to be more than a challenge than anything else. Your supplier or distributor no longer stock them and the coke factory itself have changed to newer types of machines.

While it may be quite difficult to find spare old coke vending machines parts, one solution is to bring your rare antique to technical assistants. Some of them may change part of your machine such that it can also run on newer parts which they may still have, for example the coin chute or the buttons. In this way, you are able to retain that unique selling point of yours and at the same time, ensure your machine is in good selling condition.

However sometimes, your machine may start to completely fall apart and changing your interior parts may prove to be very costly. One suggestion here is to get a totally new set of interior but retain the exterior look. This means that you use the newer mechanism present in today’s coke vending machine except that it looks exactly like your old machine. To achieve this, you may have to engage a designer and by telling him what you have in mind, you may just create a replica from the olden days.