Why do pepsi vending machines bypass coin

In case you are wondering, there is no one reason why pepsi vending machines bypass coin. There could be a host of reasons but the more common ones are that the coin mechanism inside fails or that the coin is not recognizable by the coin chute inside. If this really happens, there is nothing you can do but try again or move on to another drinks vending machine.

Some people try to cheat with coins of other currencies that are not as valuable or they use smaller denominations than that specified by the vending machine. No please do not get the wrong idea that I’m calling you a cheat or whatsoever. It is just one of the reason why pepsi vending machines bypass coin. As a person who owns a few vending machines, I know this perfectly because occasionally, I do see coins of other currencies inside my vending machine coin box.

At times, the coin chute mechanism is not working and so no matter how many times you try, it will always get rejected by the machine. The mechanism inside makes use of the property of magnetism. When your coin is slot in, the magnet holds the coin and notes its value. After you press for your drink, the coin is released from that area and drops into the coin box. This allows another person to come along and buy a can of pepsi too later on.

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