Are you rich enough to own your own personal beverage vending machines?

For those that have your own personal beverage vending machines, congratulations – you have the envy of most of the people out there. These type of machines cost at least $3000 and above and for you to own one, you must have really a lot of cash to spare. For those not as well off, frankly speaking, it is perfectly alright to be normal in this scenario.

Personal beverage vending machines not only cost a fortune to some, the running cost can be quite substantial too. Electricity needs to be supplied and for this type or large machine, it may require as much electricity as that of a large refrigerator. The beverages such as your snacks and drinks need to be changed constantly, or else they will not be fresh. Unless you have a huge appetite, it may not be wise to stock the machine up fully.

Either how, I find it really impractical to have your own personal beverage vending machines. Unless you are in a mini business where you locate it at a street or shop, it is really quite foolish to do so. If you are indeed doing a small part time business, congratulations to you too. Many big enterprises start from as small as where you as now and all have the potential to be a big player in any kind of industry.