What you can do with your personal soda vending machines

Very few people own personal soda vending machines, unless you are one very rich person of course. It is not only hurting to the pockets, but unhealthy for one’s body. Just a can of soda drink a day will mean you have consumed more than 20g of sugar for that day. For example, red bull though not a soft drink, has about 40g of sugar. It will not be long before you are diagnosed with diabetes for soda drink addicts.

However, there is indeed some novelty in owning your own personal soda vending machines. When your friends coming over to your place, it is like a huge refrigerator full of soft drinks for them. The flattering choices of drinks available may make any of your friends go green with envy. Furthermore, you can also stock different brands of beer in it and partying all night long will not be a problem.

This novelty will soon wear off though. Frankly speaking, to me, I think that having your own personal soda vending machines as a business and not for your own use, is something you can be much more proud of. While your friends may be working for a living, you have your own vending machines rolling in petty cash for you. Now, this sounds much more attractive than having a white elephant at home, won’t it?

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