Understanding Pop Vending Machines

What are pop vending machines?
Another term coined for carbonated drinks like soft drinks, soda etc. is pop. So actually, pop vending machine is another way of referring to soft drink vending machine or beverage vending machine or even soda vending machine. As expected, these machines are most popular in offices, schools and other public places where the in-take of such carbonated drinks is quite high.

Technical Specifications of pop vending machines
As these machines hold beverages, it is essential for them to display the products they hold, so that people can be attracted towards them. For this, front display panels are available where all the brands can be advertised. At times, LED display is also used by this sort of vending machine. As they hold products from different brands, they come with individual pricing system. Rugged double-wall construction is at times employed to provide extra security to these machines.

Advantages of pop vending machines
The major advantages of this vending machine are –
1. Product Variety: These machines come in various sizes that determine the number of different types of drinks they can hold. There are machines available that can hold 6, 8, 10 or even 12 different types of beverages. These machines can also hold cans. The total capacity may run into few hundreds.
2. Various Payment Options: With the new technology in place, these machines can accept payments both in coins and in bills. Some of them even have dollar bill acceptors installed in them to read the currency notes. Some others have the facility to refund the coins.
3. Compact: These machines often use flexible helix coils in order to reduce the amount of space they cover. This makes them compact and fit for all locations.
4. Secured: There is always a security concerns attached with machines holding beverages. These machines have locking latches on all the racks and T-handle locks to provide enhanced security. Even the display window is made out of a polycarbonate product to provide resistance against shattering.
5. Easy to Use: These machines are user friendly. The trays can tilt up to 30 degrees to provide simplified servicing. In case a product gets jammed, reversible motors are used to undo the same.

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