Understanding Snack Vending Machines

What are snack vending machines?
In a Snack Vending Machine, all kinds of snacks can be stuffed – perishable and preserved. These machines mainly cater to the “in between” meals – this is that time of the day when your next major meal is few hours away, but you still want to have something to eat. These are placed in public places or offices or schools where there is lot of public during the “in between” meal hours.

Technical Specifications of snack vending machines
These machines are ideal for small locations and usually made out of heavy steel. Manufacturers pay a lot of attention to the front glass window as people are attracted towards the snacks when they have a look at them through the glass. A textured glass makes it all the more attractive. The racks used in these vending machines can be adjusted along the vertical length, so if there is a snack which is more in height, the shelf above can easily be raised to accommodate this snack. As they also contain perishable food items, it is important that there is continuous supply of electricity. This is ensured by providing multiple motors, so even if one fails others will continue to operate.

Advantages of snack vending machines
The major advantages of these vending machines are –
1. Product Variety: These vending machines can keep multiple snacks like chips, cheese crackers, salted peanuts etc. This is facilitated by a controller board (driven electronically) that allows users to choose snacks carrying different price tags.
2. Secured: These vending machines provide additional security by using doors having three locks. Even the glass used in the front display is thick and cannot be broken easily. Not only that, the money is secured to as it is stored in a separated chamber which is not easy to break into.
3. Convenient: There is no doubt that these machines are convenient to use and even the first timers will not have to try too hard to operate them. Some of the machines also have the facility to rotate the products, there by giving the user a 360 degree view of the snack product.
4. Multiple Acceptance Mode: Although most of these machines accept coins, some also accept cash there by widening the audience.

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