Understanding Soda Snack Vending Machine

What is soda snack vending machine?
Soda Snack Vending Machines are those which can hold both beverages and snack items. In other words, these are combination of both Soda Vending Machine and Snack Vending Machine. These machines are also knows as Combos. They either have the beverage and snack section attached side by side or placed top down.

Technical Specifications of soda snack vending machine
These machines are often made out of heavy duty welded steel to provide strength to them. As they contain beverages which may cause oxidation and rusting to the machine, an extra coating of durable rust proof powder is applied to protect them from corrosion. They also have illuminated product display and graphics to make them more attractive and appealing. Some of these machines are also equipped with product delivery sensor to ensure that they customer gets his selection. These combos employ individual motors to drive snack and soda section, so that failure of one section doesn’t impacts the other.

Advantages of soda snack vending machine
The major advantages of this vending machine are –
1. Compact: These machines are often small in size and are ideal for small vending locations as instead of keeping separate machines for soda and snack, one can keep only one machine that can serve both the purposes.
2. Product Variety: These combo machines can provide a wide range of snacks and drinks to select from. Usually, a 61” wide machine can hold up to 550 snack items (40 distinct product selections) and 312 cans or 138 bottles (6 distinct product selections). The racks can be adjusted vertically to accommodate both small and large products. There are shelves available which are designed to keep the most popular brands of colas and snacks.
3. Various Payment Options: Like any other vending machine available these days, they come with inbuilt bill acceptor and changer. Some can even accept credit cards.
4. Fresh Snacks: These machines have inbuilt air coolers to keep the snacks cool.
5. Easy to Use: To make these machines consumer friendly, the shelves can slide out.
6. Secured: As these machines are usually placed in public places, extra attention needs to be given to their safety. They T-handle locks with three point locking door to provide enhanced security to the machine and products, especially during the night hours when there are more chances of breaking in.

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