Where to look for Used Vending Machines

Technology advancements and breakthroughs have helped the vending machine manufacturers to come up with machines that are robust and easy to maintain. Some of these vendors also provide free maintenance of the supplied machines. As a result, these machines do not wear and tear much over the years and have a good re-sale value. Even when there is some damage done to the machine, there are companies that can rebuild them to have a brand new look. There are companies like Betson Refurbishing Center which have state-of-the-art technology to rebuild vending machines belonging to over 30 different models – snack, refrigerated and frozen food and cold beverage vending machines.

Consequently there is a good market for the used vending machines, some of them available at huge discounts while others almost at par with the price of a new. Most of these vendors are available over the net and are thus easily accessible (by both buyers and sellers). Some of the sites handling sale of used vending machines are –

1. UsedVending.Com: The catalog of this site is full of used vending machines (some of them old while others are new). It has a huge list of vending machines which are available at reasonable rates. The site allows the user to either search by state or by category or have a look at the whole catalog in one go. Besides dealing in pre-owned vending machines, the site also sells remanufactured vending machines and brand new vending machines.
2. VendWeb.Com: Besides having a wide range of new ones, this site deals in pre-owned vending machines. They trade in both full size vending machines and small bulk machines. Payments are accepted by cash and check while those making payments through credit card have to shelf a little extra (merchant charge). The orders are shipped through commercial trucking services.
3. Econovend.Com: This website puts up advertisements of sellers who want to sell their used vending machines. Addresses and contact numbers of the sellers are mentioned in the ads, so the buyers can directly contact the sellers – there is no delay and commission in between.

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