One should try not to reuse used water vending machines

If possible, one should never buy used water vending machines to put in your company office or home. The reason is that the vending machines may be unclean, and buying such second hand items may do more harm than good. The bottles used need to be changed regularly because bacteria may be present and multiplying. For certain things, that extra bit of money has to be spent and this is exactly the case for used water vending machines.

If you really do have no choice however because you are running on a very tight budget, maybe you can try to follow some of precautions when buying used water vending machines. For the first time, change the bottle since you do not know how long they have been used. After that, you may reuse it once or twice. Try not to reuse too many times though.

When you reuse the water vending machine, always remember to disinfect it. This is very important to kill bacteria that may have been present. Furthermore, the water will be a few weeks old and the stagnant water may be contaminated. It is never nice to give guest water that is not portable. So if you can afford, always buy new water vending machines.