Is there a relationship between vending machiens and children and school?

Do vending machines and children and school go together? It is quite hard to fathom that, isn’t it? After all, vending machines sell soft drinks high in calories and high in sugar. The chips are definitely not healthy food and we should not tempt our children with junk food from such an early age. The sweet tooth of theirs will surely be unable to resist this type of temptation.

Well, I say, do not be too quick to dismiss the fact about vending machines and children and school. Not all items are junk and not all cause obesity in children, though obesity is a problem we must tackle head on. There can be regulations on the type of drinks available in vending machines. For example, coke can be replaced by diet coke and the normal sweeteners you have can be replaced by healthier alternatives such as Milo or isotonic drinks.

Snacks too can have a healthier alternative. For example, instead of those chips around, introducing biscuits to students, not creamy kinds of course, may provide them with a healthier alternative. Unsalted nuts can also be sold. One problem though with this is that vending machines companies are unwilling to do this since they know the items will not be popular. The best solution may then be to rid schools of vending machines altogether. Maybe vending machines and children and school really don’t go togother.