Major vending machine suppliers in Mexico

Although vending machine production in Mexico is limited to a few companies, these companies have a few patents in their names. These companies specialize in production of coin mechanisms, popcorn vending machines, bill acceptors etc. and have dealers and clientele all over the world. The major vendors for vending machines in Mexico and their focused products are listed below –

1. Coin Acceptors, Inc.: Located in Granada (Mexico City), it is a world leader in coin and bill handling machines. The company has its presence across Europe, Asia, North America, Australia and Latin America. The major products listed with the company are:
• Bill Pro-CRX: This card reader accepts bills, credit and debit cards and coupons. Its ease to use can be judged from the fact that the bill and card paths are illuminated, are of high contrast and there is a audible feedback.
• Coin Pro 3: This coin changer vending machine can easily be connected to other vending machines and has a buffer memory that can be used for future technology updates.
• Bill Pro: This bill acceptor machine can hold up to 650 bills at a time. It also limits fraud using anti-cheat device. Maintenance is easy and the company provides spot service.

2. Protec Manufacturing: This company is also located in Mexico City and specializes in popcorn vending machines, some of which are:
• PC727: This coin operated machine runs on hot air. Line conditioner is provided with each unit to ensure steady flow of power. Shipment is easy as the upper unit can easily be folded into the lower cabinet. In other words, it is easy to operate and delight to watch.
• P67: This machine is specially designed for cinema halls, schools, and other social gatherings. Popcorn produced is hot-air cooked and so there is no concern about fatty oils and cholesterol. It doesn’t require expensive cooking oils and so also does away with maintenance of glass cabinets, which otherwise get dirty with grease. The machine is clean and safe and is automated control allows the staff to carry out other work while it is operating.