Major vending machine suppliers in California

If you are in California and looking for a manufacturer who can supply vending machines, chances are you will not have to search too hard. Vendors are present in scores (few of which have been in this industry for years now). Major vending machine suppliers in California are listed below–

1. Cool-It Company Inc.: This vending company provides a large range of vending machines to choose from. The list includes beverage machines (soda, juice, coffee and bottled water machines) and food machines (candy, snacks etc.). The company boasts of excellent customer service. Some of the important products of the company are –
• Simi Valley Vending Machine: This machine can be used for perishable food items. One can select a machine from a wide range of 32 available designs with each of them having the capacity of storing up to 474 items.
• San Bernardino Soda Vending Machine: This is used for keeping soda bottles and is available in 12 designs. The capacity is also excellent – 728 cans of 12 Oz. or 322 bottles of 20 Oz. each.
• Los Angeles County Snack Vending Machine: This candy and snack machine can store up to 210 items. To run this machine, 115 Volts line with 1.2 Ampere wattage is required.
2. A1 Best Locators: This vending company has been in the vending business for more than 10 years now and specializes in handling vending apparatus, video game machines, ATM machines etc.
3. Brec Vending: This vending company has been serving Southern California (especially San Diego) for the last 25 years. The company has experienced technicians that help in customizing vending machine as per the user requirement. They also provide coffee machines for offices that can hold popular brands.
4. Healthy Option Vending: This vending company which primarily serves North California pays utmost attention to health of people and that is why it is a hit with major schools. It provides the complete lifecycle of a vending machine – from installation, to stocking and finally to servicing. The vending machines are stocked with a wide range of products – hot cereals, pastas, dried fruit, water, teas, coffee, soda, cookies, potato chips etc.