Few as there are vending machines for safety supplies out there, it is still possible to find

Vending machines for safety supplies are not common at all. Safety supplies referred to here are your first aid or safety items such as small portable fire extinguishers, first aid items like plasters, antiseptic creams/lotions, bandages and first aid kits. These items are usually sold in 24-hour shops or mini-marts such as 7-11 convenience stores.

Nonetheless, though vending machines for safety supplies may not be very widespread out there, there might be a market for it. If you are thinking of stocking some vending machines with these items, it may be well worth a try. Vendors or companies in this day depend on selling in large quantity at a low profit margin. For example, they may sell many packets of chips a day but each can only earn them a fraction of the price of the product.

To sell safety supplies though, it is quite certain that one cannot depend on the quantity of goods sold. Thus, we have to compensate on that by having a wider profit margin per item. Things like fire extinguisher may not sell as well as plasters but they sure will earn much more. Try experimenting with different items and get a good price from your suppliers. Instead of having the machines in neighbourhoods, it may be good to put them in hospitals first to see the response.

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