What happened to vending machines in Katrina

Since hurricane Katrina struck, the area has been a total carnage. Houses are swept away, trees uprooted and not a single building is left intact, much less vending machines. These Individuals or companies that own vending machines in this place will certainly feel the pinch, but this hurt can come later. More important is the rebuilding of the city.

This brings us to quite an important point about vending machines, and that is insurance for it. Vending machines have been known to be lit up by street gangs and this can immediately cause owners to have their money go up in flames literally. There are a few companies though that provides insurance for your vending machines and it would be wise to get one or two in more crime-likely areas.

One disturbing thing about having vending machines in Katrina hit areas is that looters are aplenty. With very little law and order, no vending machine is safe around. What’s more, the cash in it can be so tempting. People who are desperate for the food and drinks may even just rip the machine for its contents. Vending machines can come at a later date when there is more law and order.

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