How to find vintage cigarette vending machines

Way back in the past, there already was the presence of vending machines. These machines help to sell mostly your food and drink items, as well as cigarette. Now however, in this day and age, vintage cigarette vending machines are extremely rare. No company now have cigarette vending machines out there, much less to say vintage ones. If one is really looking for one, ebay may be a good try. Alternatively, museums have it but of course, no one can buy them. Just take a photo of two with it.

Vintage items are things between 50-100 years of age, while rare items are more than 100 years old. Those looking for vintage cigarette vending machines need to look back at companies with between 50 to 100 years of history, as in they are around that age. Give them a call and ask for such vending machines. It would be nice if you have a picture of it so that maybe you can jolt their memory. Chances are very low though as I myself have not come across any of such machines.

One reason that I think why vintage cigarette vending machines are so popular nowadays is because of its rarity. For all you know, museums may be competing with you on the same product so that they can display the history of their city though unique items that cannot be found today. Hopefully, you are able to find your vintage cigarette vending machines. All the best!