Plenty of water vending machines in China

Water is of such importance to humanity that even though much of the Earth comprises of water, there is still a market for portable water. Portable water is water that is fit for drinking and cooking. In China, there are more and more water vending machines dispensing water bottles. Together with soft drinks, it seems that the only way for the business in beverages is up. As people become more health conscious, it seems bottle water are getting more popular than sugared drinks.

Not only are bottle water vending machines in China popular, the big gallon tanks are also very high in demand. China by itself comprises 1/6 of the world population of over 100 countries. The number of enterprises and companies operating there is enormous. Virtually every company has to have water vending machines for their customers. Now you know how big the market is and why everyone is fighting for a piece of the cake in China.

In China, it is customary, a form of politeness to offer something for the guest, in this case the customer. It is very important to be a hospitable host. This is also true for guest going to other people’s home as the Chinese believe it reflects a lot on the host. Therefore, having water vending machines is almost a basic necessity. Large foreign companies in order to improve their service to customers also have water vending machines in their companies located in China. All these contribute to the water vending machines in China being in high demand.